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March 23, 2018 9:47 am Published by

So the month of March has been very busy for the team at Nicholas Jon.

We have grown the team by one… me!! I’m great, a hotelier by trade and a barman at heart. Hospitality through and through. And it turns out I’m a damn good Recruitment Consultant, hit me up.

Dom spent a week skiing in Chatel. He loved it so much he was playing French House music in his car for the next two weeks.

Aisling went skiing for the first time too! No bumps or bruises which we were all surprised at to be honest. On another note, she likes her tea brewed for exactly 6.5 minutes and she’s become a bowls groupie… where we found her I don’t know.

Nick’s girls hit the big four last month!! He has the cutest twins on earth. Nick also hit the even bigger 35 himself, although his hairline still suggests 38/39.

Speaking of birthdays, I turned the big 4-0 too! I don’t feel any older and I’m definitely not any wiser.

In other news, Janine is working with a well-known culinary hero of ours after opening our new office in Bath. We know right, fancy!

Work-wise, we have placed a Head Chef in a role where he gets to forage his own ingredients; a task they would be impossible! How cool is that?! We’ve been working with some fantastic people and managed to fill some high-profile roles, a victory that still gives us a buzz! We’ve filled the team for a new opening in Warwickshire; a fresh food venture that is set to be huge! Watch this space for more details, opening dates and everything else you’ll need to know.

The big news is we are going to be TEN years old this year, that’s ten years of putting great people into great places. Ten years! Amaze balls.

Finally, it’s now Wild Garlic Season, the smell around the Shires and the Cotswolds is great. If you want to know where to go picking… give us a shout!

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